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05 August 2010



Good post Chuck. Probably worth a mention how technology is a big factor in the boundary blur. The ability to take HD 'cinema quality' footage in a tiny handheld device allows film-makers to get involved in the action like never before. Compare war footage from the Falklands to war footage from Afghanistan, just shifting from film to digital has been a big step. We should expect the next war to be in 3D.

charlie gower

ha yeah, good point. Soon shooting your cat on a Sunday morning will look better than Kodachrome.
The film-maker of the doc goes into great length of the kit he uses which is pretty nice of him and helps all the other budding film makers out there.


Baudrillard was one of the dealers in The Wire?


yeah I read that..... wanna go halves?

charlie gower

John, well I know you know who he is, but if there was a dealer by that name then I missed it. Awesome reference if there was considering the subject matter.

Nick, sure, as long as my half is more like a twentieth.

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