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26 July 2010


Dan Calladine

"the container is as important as the content" is a great quote!

I completely agree. I love books and I can't see myself changing to eBooks at any time soon, but I know lots of people who do buy them. It might be a generational thing.

charlie gower

yeah it may be generational.
But I really wonder how much digital organising of content means we only look forward never backwards...
And you can't really understand what you have until you understand what came before.


very well said. can't elaborate at this point as it's very early morning but the serendipity of the web got me to catch up with my RSS (and your blog) and then I hopped to the Guardian and read this:


so just wanted to share ;-)

back to coffee

charlie gower

Thanks for that Asi.
I like Stuart Lee.

I've written a couple of things about collections and collecting.
and here:

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