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04 June 2010



That sounds amazing.

I want to know that some kind of effort went into the coffee I'm drinking - and I don't mean board room effort to make more money.

Have you been to Coffee @33 in Brighton yet?

You should come down soon.

Mark Hadfield

Sounds wicked mate. I usually go for a drip coffee instead of a milky frothy one anyway so we should get over there one day.

charlie gower

no Curtis, not been, will come to Brighton in July, hopefully...

Mark, I'm going tomorrow am!

Stanton Carlisle

Sounds like it might be worth a visit but the subtext here is all a bit tragic. Coffee in this country is, frankly, awful. Those milkshakes flavoured with coffee - er sorry, I mean lattes, of course - are insults that the English seem to lap up like tastebud-dead zombies. We just wouldn't be having this discussion in France, Italy, or Spain, for example. And having to lure people in by 'teaching' them about coffee just shows you how far we've sunk. Cup of tea, anyone?

charlie gower

I completely agree Stanton, that's exactly what Square Mile are trying to do. With mass industrial process we lost the charm (and taste) from almost everything.

They (Penny University) are simply trying to remind people what coffee is meant to be like.

England had one of the unique best coffee cultures in the world and somewhere along the line we lost it. I say we go hunting for it again.

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