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18 May 2010



Donuts or deep fried chicken?

Account Deleted

Interesting thought CG and totally on-point when it comes to Skype. So does this mean we have to grab/do dibs on our alternative handles? I (obviously) choose boom. We're finally in the era of the crazy middle name. "Boom is my middle name".

The End.

charlie gower

Kirsty, I guess I'm going with Chicken... was that the question?

Sam, yes you can have boom


Just wondering what's given the scales a nudge. You weren't over-weight when I last saw you.

charlie gower

ah I see, a month in the states drinking beer and eating ribs I suspect. Swimming begins in June.


There's only one Charlie Gower.

charlie gower

nice of you john, but sadly it's not true...

Air force one

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