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13 April 2010


Charles Frith

I don't believe in anonymous comments for sites that don't challenge authority.

Here's a recent article about it.


charlie gower

oh I agree, but the the site is still up and running...

Dan Calladine

Brilliant stories.

I think Yelp is a fascinating case, and a real success story, until recently, but people have started to try to game it. For example there were allegations that businesses were swapping good reviews with each other - e.g. if you give my locksmith business a 5, I'll give your bar a 5.

Ebay became a bit like that a few years ago, with people selling good feedback, and I think that's why Ebay have now tried to focus more on the corporate sellers.

On the first story though... Seriously? Have they got proof? I'd love to see the before and after screen shots. That would absolutely annihilate Yelp! If not I'm calling it an urban myth. Like all great urban myths, you really want to believe it...

charlie gower

well as far as I know it's true. I mean I'm fairly sure that's one of the things Yelp are accused of...

Dan Calladine

I've done a bit of digging.

This story says that there is a class action in the process in the US against Yelp - 9 small companies are alleging that Yelp is trying to extort money from them for advertising:


It shows the look of pages from advertisers and non-advertisers.

Yelp aren't removing reviews, but are allowing companies that advertise to have a much greater say in how their pages appear - making positive reviews more prominent etc.

Fascinating case! & as you say, a perfect example of what happens when communities fail!

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