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14 May 2009


Carl Morris

It's a different view of "authenticity" to the western concept. It's more... postmodern maybe. Basically there's no difference between an original and a fake if they look alike. It kind of makes sense.

Half my family is Chinese.

Let me know if you want anything duplicated, anything at all.

(Also, hello! I came via @charliegower)

charlie gower

why Carl, how terribly nice to see you here. I will think on the duplication angle.
There must be something ; )


Silk Street also have their own brand! Shanzai is worth a google for the topic of copies.


I got some ugly fake fur lined boots as I couldn't feel my toes in January in Beijing. A lot of the stuff at that time seemed to be aimed at the female Russian shoppers: thigh high metallic stiletto boots and 80s style fur coats. Yum.

charlie gower

sounds nice!

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