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01 December 2008



yeah. indeed. exactly. you connect facebook connect to your gps iphone - then you can access the geodata from your social graph and that would be pre-screened useful - they are likely to have similar interests etc.

we just need to find a really easy way to append the data on the fly....stickynote style that you can just drop tweet whatever as you go by,,.,.


Joel Brazil

Good post, very correct. Tipped + Facebook Connect + iPhone...coming soon by the way!

The AP

Hey Charlie,

Thanks for this post. Indeed, really interesting stuff. I see lots of opportunity with Tipped + Twitter. Thanks for turning me on to this.


charlie gower

Well The AP, if you have an idea you should speak to Joel, who also commented and also runs Tipped!!

Helge Tennø

Excellent thoughts, have you seen this video which to some extent extends on the thoughts in this post if I understand you correctly:

I find that for marketers the important thing to understand is that as we move from the familiar and traditional media channel advertising (where we are pouring messages down a channel) to these new arenas of interpersonal communication (probably not the best term for it :o). We need to rethink how we communicate and build our brand.

Because we will be entering personal, intimate spaces, and existing conversations, where our value is created by adding to an existing relationship, not interrupting it.

Charlie Gower

Helge, thanks for that. I hadn't seen the video. But I had seen stills of the app and included them in my previous post: http://charliegower.typepad.com/tantramar/2008/11/ar-has-arrivedi.html

I'm not sure if you saw that too.
That's exactly what I'm talking about. But then when you add social recommendation to it, the potential for real world benefits to the user is huge.

And it terms of marketing, yes it's another brave new world you're walking into. You'll be (potentially) getting very useful personal information about each user though and might have the option of selling in very close to P.O.S.


Mark Hadfield

Hey Charlie,

Great posts. I tried to touch on this kind of stuff in a post a few months back:


Good stuff. Look forward to it all coming along soon!

Charlie Gower

yes, it's when all this stuff comes together that you'll see the big boom!

data management will be the key...

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Oh, its great!

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