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03 October 2008



oooh - lovely article CG. i've been casually observing my own collecting lately too, and how much it has changed over the last few years. seemingly reflecting the changes in my life too.
i used to collect records, then i discovered that collecting books is easier, and haven't really bounced back (second-hand cheap books are in better condition and not so hard to find). and of course i collect art, but on a much smaller scale.

speaking of scale, i also have a few ultra-tiny collections of things - like my 3 coloured lomo plastic cameras - which perhaps could have been a full-blown collection, but didn't, yet i'm not willing to pass them up.

and yet i'm not a hoarder, nor do i collect a massive amount of each thing, but the mix of specificity and impulse is there still there (oh, that sickening feeling of handing over money for an invader that you know you really should buy because you passed up the last one, but you can't really afford).

and you're right - it is about identity. there's a line in high fidelity that continues to ring true for me: "it's not who you are, it's what you do: books, records, films, these things matter." it's about passion - if you can't be passionate about something - interested enough in its trajectory or context, then are you really digging deep enough into your own identity? or even that of others? it alienates me (often), but i rarely trust a person who doesn't have that level of passion. not obsession, mind, but clear about what they like and need and what they don't.

Curtis James

Just collected this in my system to read later.


Very nice piece. I collect therefore I am. It helps define your personality, I think - collecting. If you collect it, you're interested in it beyond just a passing fancy, and that's part of what differentiates you from the rest of the crowd. In some way or the other, I think everyone collects something - big or small. Or even intangible, like ideas. Hmmmm. Food for thought, for sure. :)

Wordly Wise

Mr Gower, this may be of interest...

Charlie Gower

ahhh, your ol' buddy Maslow

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