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24 September 2008



great collection charlie. there are some really good ones.
I must admit though, even though I think this weight watchers one is clever, I think it's offensive. I don't mean to come across all hyper-sensitive and PC, but I think there are positive ways to market weight watchers without making people feel crap about themselves.
same goes for virgin active's current "muffin tops" campaign. I just think its lazy.

charlie gower

Fair point Andy, I'm only looking at them from an idea standpoint though not an advertising one and from that side it's pretty solid. Pun intended.


There are some great examples here too - although it's now a bit dormant.


Look back through 2007 for some corkers!


yeah it's smart. and i can imagine my previous comment making a few people sigh.
I just have this thing about fear-based advertising that grates at me. Rant over.


You've got a nice set there Charlie. Phnar.

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