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22 July 2008



Haha. I'd always wondered why that spiky thing was on the roof of a bus stop for years on Hackney Road. I just thought some kid must have thrown it out of a bus window until now!


you have cleared up one of my outstanding london mysteries!
bus stop roofs are generally amazing places to spot things. i once saw a jeffrey archer book, a little rain damaged, from the window of the 40. i don't think that was art - i like to think someone hurled it out of the window in frustration at its awfulness.


Awesome... I have always wondered what these are...


thank you for both your street art.location aware posts CG! i'm in the middle of putting together for a site-specific street art project and i've been getting bogged down in its location. i'm not going to transfer it to the top of a bus stop, but i certainly will re-think what i've got planned! yay.


i wonder if you could reality mine for natural pathways through urban landscapes and then plant art along them...


Yeah, I've always wondered about those.

You've inspired me to pursue the case of the urban gardener ... somebody has also been depositing a tuft of meadow and wild flowers in old bean cans and oil vats on the roof of bus shelters along Shoreditch High St

charlie gower

those plants are also great. Good point Nadine. I'd love to witness someone putting those there...


Charlie...you don't know for how long I've been wondering what those things were!
My brain went way too far thinking they could have been some sort of spikey object to keep pigeons far from the bus shelters... crazy eh?

Thanks e

Simon Midwich

I think the urban gardening was a project by dazed & confused or they did a similar thing a while back. I may be wrong or confused.

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