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19 July 2008


Charles Frith

Its a bad brand fit. Bet you don't drop the Sharpies though!


hey, i saw the ad on TV and thought the same... weird (and presumably expensive) tie-in....


I'm right there with you brother.


It is a weird collaboration. Did he turn down Parker (even though he behaves like a Thunderbird) and Pilot? Do we know who did the ads?

charlie gower

Someone annoying did the ads...

Kate Woods

Seems a strange fit for us in Europe, but I was recently in the US and met up with my parents and when I mentioned I wanted to go to Office Depot to buy some Sharpies (I'm addicted to these pens -- all shapes and sizes), my 64 year old mother said, "Oh, they've got this great new ad campaign with David Beckham.

My parents are in their 60's, live in small-town Missouri and don't really know/care about "soccer". However, they did know that David Beckham was their new brand ambassador. Say what you will about the campaign itself and David Beckham as their spokesperson, but if it impacted my parents, I gotta think it's working!

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