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01 May 2008


Mark Hadfield

... I like the new ad. Then again, I love all POV stuff like this. My favourite place at Flamingo Land was the big 360 degree dome thing where you stood up and got dizzy because you thought you were on a rollercoaster.

Saying that, I actually think it's quite a brave move from Nike. In past ads it's all about how amazing football stars are. So good they'lll take your breath away. What this ad does is gives hope to people by letting them believe, just for a minute, that they could hav a part of this dream.

Charlie Gower

Fair point about the famous footballers bit. I just don't like the POV execution.
And they used Eagles of Death Metal too which bugs me significantly.


Oh snap. We thought 'he' might look in the mirror at the end and turn out to be a she.

I thought the bit with the hot girlfriend was a bit weird too. I know that's what every boy wants, but it's not why you're supposed to get into football. Is the love of the game not enough?


The POV is done wrong anyway - look at the eyes. That's why it feels so weird and uninvolving.


Ian Wright, Wright, Wright!

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