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18 March 2008



Nah, shouldn't they be called Caucasian Russian if not trying to be racist? :)

Here's my arguement, http://creativeinlondon.blogspot.com/2008/03/vodka.html

Good luck to both of us, may the stronger drink (40%>20%) win!

Charlie Gower

Yup, fair point, throw me in irons immediately, crushed by own gag.
Couldn't really say that everyone loves Caucasian Russians though could I...


The Dude calls the Caucasians. And if you don't know The Dude, then you really have wasted the best argument for White Russians EVER.

Charlie Gower

Of course I know the Dude.
This is not a one round game, well I'm hoping it's not. You use your ammunition when its best suited. Strategy...ya know. White Caucasian would have been wasted on most people. One has to cater to the masses.


Done, my vote has been cast.

I did notice that Charles Frith, the knave, chose Pina Colada.
That'll be hard to beat.

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