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01 February 2008




Miles Donovan

I wouldn't be worrying about the free salad, I'd be more concerned about the repulsive looking baked potato. You ate that?


Dude - what's that next to the salad - it looks gross!

Charlie Gower

The potato was fine, normal in fact...for a potato. It has cheese on it...
Otherwise it's ya know, a normal potato.


I totally agree with Miles. The salad is the LEAST of your worries...



I dunno if I completely agree - yes goody bags suck when you get a wack branded T-shirt 3 sizes too big for you but if the free thing is useful then it can be... well, useful. I've got loads of branded CD case things that hold like 10 cds and I always use them - USB keys are super useful.

I think if people put more thought into free shit then it wouldn't be such a problem.

Charlie Gower

Perhaps you're right, it's about more thought and not about any old crap. I didn't get a Matter box the other day (for some reason) which is annoying as this might lead the way.

Charlie Gower

I'm taking that one back. we don't need goody bags at all.

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