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17 November 2007


Charles Frith

I love the iPod solution Charlie.

Mark Hadfield

Good stuff Charlie - I remember us discussing it at the John Grant book launch. Very true about the books too. I was in Foyles at the weekend with 2 books in my hand until I realised I have about 8 that I need to read first. Why can't I lend these to someone so long as I get them back by a certain date? Sort of like a LoveFilm without money... and films.


There's quite a good system for 'reusing' and 'redistributing' books although it seems to have taken off more in the US than the UK. The system is called BookCrossing ( www.bookcrossing.com ) and works by users registering a book on the site, and then setting it free to be found by other users or new readers.

They encourage you to leave the books on a park bench, at a coffee shop, at a hotel on vacation - anywhere it might find a new reader! The books are all given an individual code and can then be tracked from person to person (as long as the fill in the details on the site). However, I have yet to come across such a book ...

Charlie Gower

Those systems are quite famous in the US. I was thinking that people could click on a book they actually wanted to read and simply be next in line...

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