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29 October 2007


Lloyd Davis

I don't think it's that crazy.



inspired me to practice inbox zero and apply it to RSS feeds as strictly as to my mailbox. Using keyboard shortcuts helps but it means that my 'J' and 'S' keys are starting to wear out :)

Charlie Gower

Practice 'inbox zero', thats' funny - sounds like a mental martial art!

I don't think I want to live like that, looking at my reader ever 4 minutes, trying to stay ahead of the feeds. I think I will take them as and when I feel like it.


Surely someone could invent a 'feeder' that only feeds according to how often you want to read that particular blog.
So, one you read everyday would update daily, whereas one you want to read just at weekends would update accordingly. It could also update time specifically so you could save some for your 'lunch hour' or just before work to digest with your bagel. The possibilities are endless!

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