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19 July 2007



dude! i'm so with you on this one!! in fact, when i first got here, the poor twittersphere copped my moaning about the coffee here until i was thankfully guided there, by a frenchman who understood. and even last friday, while everyone was drinking beer at the endurance, i went and got a decaf soy latte from FW.

the thing is about us and coffee is that it's not that really we're that obsessed (americans are obsessed), we just expect good coffee. in the same way that the brits expect good tea. it comes from having such a big influence from the italians in the 50s and now australia and nz are above italy for espresso coffee makers. in fact, the dairy industry in australia (and maybe nz) has also been boosted by something like 300% as a result of 'cafe latte culture' exploding over the last 5-10 years.
while i could spend all my time in flat white, my only issue with it is unfortunately the cost. i can get a cup of tea for 50p whereas i pay £2.60 for a coffee. but when i need a coffee, i refuse to go anywhere else.

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